Monday, December 28, 2009

30 weeks

I can't believe this year is almost over! And, that we only have 7 weeks left before the babies arrive (at the most!) I have been so anxious lately, telling everyone I can't wait to see what these two are going to look like. Then I realized we only have 7 weeks left and I'm wondering if we're ready??

When I sat down to make a list with Gabe about what we have to do, there actually isn't that much. Which is good, we have pretty much done all we can. I guess I can relax but I keep having a weird need to get everything done right now, but, there really isn't anything to do??

My glucose test came back high last week so I'm going for the 3 hour test tomorrow which I'm sure will be a blast!? Then Wednesday we have another Dr appt and next Monday an ultrasound. I'm anxious to see these two again.

The pounds are starting to creep up faster than they have been. I want to throw the scale every time I stand on it, but I guess its a good thing, because it means the babies are growing, right? I 'm also getting more and more uncomfortable. It is painful just to roll over when I'm in bed. So actually having to get out of bed is tortue. I have to roll back and forth to get some momentum first:(  I can't imagine how bad it's going to be in another month!

I really need to start taking these pictures when I'm dressed and have makeup on, instead of 5 mintues before crawling into bed!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Last year Gabe and I took some funny "Ugly Christmas Sweater" pictures as a joke. I wish I would have  found this adorable sweater for Maggie back then, so we could have included her!!!

Doesn't she look excited about her new sweater, HA, ya right!

Monday, December 21, 2009

29 Weeks

With being pregnant and dragging my big butt, or belly to work every day AND getting ready for Christmas I have been so exhausted the last few weeks. I had a small breakdown last week after another night of no sleep and not being able to put my feet into any shoe comfortably. I couldn't get myself to pull the car out of the garage without breaking into tears. When I came in I might have scared Gabe a bit with my slight hysteria. So, he suggested staying home which I did and fell right to sleep, even though I only slept an hour, it was exactly what I needed.

Over this weekend, I feel like my belly just popped out. I'm huge and oh so uncomfortable! Sometimes the twins shift just right and I can barely walk. Even when they aren't in a bad position I definitely have the waddle down:)

We finished the last of our Christmas shopping yesterday. All I have to do now is make some salsa as gifts for a few friends and I'm done. I've been in such a rush I haven't even been that excited for Christmas, and its my favorite holiday?? I'm just counting down the days when I can get an extra two days off. I am excited to see Aaron and Ania though, especially since they have baby Alina with them:)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

28 weeks

We had an ultrasound on Friday and looks like everyone is good. The little man is weighing in at approx 2 lbs and 7 oz and the lady is around 2 lbs and 5 oz. Again, they didn't give us a CD so I don't have the pictures, although they weren't that clear anyway.
Gabe also put the first crib together and its huge. I'm not sure how it's going to look with two. The room is just too small. It is going to be very cramped but I'm sure the babies won't notice. I think we're going to keep them in one crib for the first few month and then we can put in the second crib. That way I can at least have a chair in there for the first couple months.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Baby Shower # 2

I had my Fendley Family baby shower yesterday. It turned out great. My mom did a great job and everything looked great, even after a major cake disaster. I loved the cake! We got some great baby gear and now our nursery is full. This means I will be spending all of Saturday organizing it. We are running out of space already!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

One shower down, two more to go

I had my first baby shower today at work. It was really nice, they did more than I thought they would. They also gave us both high chairs and bouncers that we registered for.

We also received our photos back from Heather. She is a great photographer, if anyone is interested her website is I love her, she makes you feel very relaxed right off the bat. Here are a few of our favorites...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Belly Button

So, it's not an outie, but it isn't any innie anymore either. I've been wondering when it would pop out, but it hasn't. It looks like it is just closing in on itself, strange, very strange??

In other news, our stroller and car seats arrived last night. We came home from our first birthing class and they were piled up next to the house....We've been too busy to open them yet, plus we don't really have any room to put them anywhere.

Our birthing class was alright. I got the giggles during the breathing excercises though and Gabe said I embarrased him. That's what I do, when I'm in a quiet setting where everyone is focusing, I start laughing. I barely made it through our wedding vows. I kept making faces at Gabe and trying hard not to laugh??