Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!

This has been a wonderful year. We were blessed with our beautiful babies and our lives have never been better!
Everyday these two amaze us and make us laugh.

Vivienne LOVES music. If she hears music or you hum her a song she starts swaying back and forth. If I'm watching Glee and her attention is on something else, she whips her head around as soon as they start seeing and she is just mesmerized. When she crawls- she is very slow and careful slapping each hand down hard against our floors. She is in no hurry to get anywhere, Gabe said she is the tortoise from the tortoise and the hare story. She just moseys along, smiling and laughing at everything. She finds her brother especially hilarious, unless of course, he is stealing her toys. Then she starts waving her hands up and down and yelling. When she wakes up in the morning she is very quiet and plays with her toy or her own feet. She can keep herself busy just talking to the mirror or her own hands. She is a beautiful, sweet, happy, cuddly, independent baby girl. 
Always sweet

Roman is all boy, through and through. He has been crawling for months and flies through the house. So much so that he is wearing through his pants at record speed. Now, he is pulling himself onto the furniture and "walking" around it. He has so much energy and is fearless. I think Roman will be our little comedian. He loves to make noises or throw his ball then look at us and laugh so we will laugh too. He is so sweet too. If he is playing with his toys he always looks back at us and smiles. Sometimes he will even crawl over to us for a quick hug and a kiss then crawl back to his toys. When he and Vivienne are next to each other in their high chairs he will put his hand on hers and they will just sit there holding hands! This boy is definitely a daddy's boy though, if we are both home he always wants to go to his daddy. He is a sweet, handsome, curious baby boy. He also has the softest little nose and I have to keep myself from kissing it every time I see him.
Roman has a new thing about scrunching his nose to make us laugh, he sniffs at the same time- hilarious!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas, Over Already?

Even with all of my time off, it still feels like Christmas just flew by. The babies received so many new toys. I'm not sure where to put all of them but man are they keeping those two busy. The past two days I've actually been able to sit on the couch for a full hour and read my book. The twins just go from toy to toy in front of me. Stealing them from each other crying for a second and them going on to the next one. Vivi is much more independent here, Roman crawls over to the couch every five minutes pulls himself up wanting me to pick him up, just so he can cry for me to put him back down.
Vivienne is really getting the whole crawling thing now. She is all over the place, it's funny and sad for me. I love seeing her go but I hate that they are getting so big. I guess I thought she'd just always want to be carried and I was holding on to that since Roman has been on the move for so long. The funny part is that she loves to just follow Roman around the house. She is not as fast though so sometimes he's come and gone twice while she is in the hallway trying to turn around again and catch him. Poor thing slips on our wood floors, and has hit her little face three times already. Roman has also slipped and had a slight black eye for Christmas. Breaks my heart every time because they cry so hard. One of the toys they received was a music table with wooden drum sticks. They have hard square ends and that's what did the damage so, they won't be playing with those anymore.
I just uploaded my pictures and I took over 200 on Christmas day alone! That's what I got for Christmas this year, a new camera. I needed it, Roman loves to click the lens open and shut on the old one. I also got a stack of books that I've been wanting to read. Just finished the first one called 'The Help.' It was pretty good, must have been I finished it in two days, with twins:) The twins got, a lot. So many toys, and good amount of clothes too. So they are set for a long time. Gabe and I are on the look out for a new coffee table, we finally just threw ours in the garage, way to dangerous with the twins, especially since Roman likes to pull himself on to it and then drop back to his knees. I was just too scared that he'd bust his chin.
This year my mom had to work Christmas Eve and Christmas day. So, on Thursday, we went to her house and had dinner with just my parents and siblings. My mom did a great job on the table, it was so pretty. Christmas Eve we had lunch at my Nana's house. My cousin Rusty won the baking challenge again, my dad AND my husband were judges, and I still lost! I'm going to blame it on the fact that he's leaving Tuesday to Oregon for school. We all got t-shirts for his new school for Christmas, we are all Beaver fans now. After that we went to Gabe's family. Just the immediate family there this year too. We had a nice dinner and opened gifts for the babies. Roman got a talking train that he just Loved! Christmas day was a lazy one. We opened presents with the babies and let them play on the floor all day while we watched movies. We had a good time but it was the first Christmas I spent away from my family. We have always opened presents together on Christmas day, so I was a little sad that the tradition is over now.
Vivienne on Christmas Eve w/ my mom

Viv w/ my sister and cousin...Doesn't my Nana's fireplace look awesome here!

Roman w/ Rusty

Roman w/ my dad, he thought the basketball hitting the backboard was hilarious

With a new hat

Christmas Morning

playing with new toys


About to fight

Playing his new tiny piano

Monday, December 20, 2010

Vacation Time

Today is the only day I had to work this week. So glad! I need a break from that cubicle, it is so claustrophobic. I don't have to go back until next Tuesday. YAY! The sitter is still coming tomorrow, so I plan on going back to bed when she gets her before I have to take Vivi to the dr. She's been grabbing at her ears a lot so I want to make sure there's nothing wrong.
Last night I FINALLY downloaded all of the video we've taken onto my computer. I'm still watching the videos from the hospital. They were SOOOO tiny. They are making me so emotional.
I was trying to take a photo for our Christmas card

Just chillin'

Crashed out after a family party

Vivi doesn't even notice she's wearing it

My big boy

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Guess What!?

This little girl just learned to crawl today. We were all laying on the bed when I got home from work today and she got on all fours, then went a few 'steps.' Then she collapsed on her belly with her arms at her side, like she just finished a marathon. Now, she's in the walker running around the house and Gabe is shaking his head saying 'I don't like, I don't like it at all.' We want her to stay little forever since Roman has been on the move for months, but no such luck.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

We Met Santa

Roman waiting to leave and see Santa
I was a little worried that the babies would get scared of Santa and cry. But, they were the opposite, even when he was holding them they didn't really notice him??I do have to say they were the hit of the QV Christmas party. All the little old people loved them, they all kept saying it made them miss their own grandchildren. They behaved pretty well without much of a nap too, until around 7, then we bolted. 
We caught Vivienne admiring herself in her crib mirror

She thinks she's pretty funny--LOVE THIS PICTURE!

Roman and Gabe, who will probably be mad that I posted this picture of him

Family shot

Roman and cousin David

There were so many people trying to take their pictures they weren't sure where to look

This is what they did when we got home. I was trying to take their 10 month pic

Saturday, December 11, 2010

10 Months

 I can't believe my babies are 10 months old, only 2 short months until they are 1 years olds! I have to say that I don't like it one bit. Roman and Vivienne are so active lately. Even Vivienne is getting around pretty fast. We never actually see her crawl but one second she right next to you then you turn around and she's on the other side of the room. Sneaky little girl. She also actually using the walker to its full potential. Roman somehow learned how to shake is head No. Not a big fan of this either! He also learned how to turn off my computer while I type, YAY?
Anyway, the house has been decorated inside and out. I started wrapping presents today but I still have some shopping to do and I'm waiting for some of Gabe's stuff to come in the mail. After wrapping presents I started some cookies. Easy ones, the dough came in a tub:) But, when Gabe returns from the grocery store I'll actually make some pumpkin cookies.
I found some Santa hats in the Target dollar aisle and both babies are happily wearing them around today. I'm getting them ready for their first encounter with Mr. Claus himself tonight. There will be a party down in Queen Valley so we're gonna get them all dressed up and take them down there. 
Oh This is the $20 table we found and wrote about but never posted a picture of. I think it needs some more decorations?

Christmas tree while babies are asleep. (Sorry so blurry?)

Christmas tree at all other hours

Vivi in her Santa hat

In Santa hat under tree

I was surprised how uninterested he was in the tree

Much more interested in my camera

Santa's helpers getting into trouble

Sunday, December 5, 2010

December Already?

I can't believe its already December! It's even harder to believe that Christmas is less than 2 weeks away! I feel like time is flying. I was looking through pictures from the past year, I can't believe how small my babies were! It's like the past 10 months has gone by in the blink of an eye. I try to convince them daily to stay little but they won't agree. I hate having to get rid of all their tiny clothes. I want to keep it all, but there's really no point. I keep the really special and/or cute stuff and I'll give the rest away. I did just buy them some really cute Christmas outfits. Roman will be wearing red and blue with a sweater vest. Vivienne will be wearing a purple plaid skirt, not the traditional Christmas color, but it was too cute to pass up. Plus they have so many other nice stuff they'll get to wear to see Santa and for some pre-Christmas family gatherings.
So, Roman has a new activity he loves. He pushes Vivienne around while she's in the walker. Apparently, he does not think she is going fast enough or seeing enough of the house, so he gives her the full tour. Although, they aren't going that fast since he's on his knees...SO CUTE! We took video but no pictures, so I'll have to post it later.
Vivienne, has been crackin' up so much lately. We barely have to smile at her and she just giggles so hard, LOVE IT! She is also 'talking' a bit more. Her favorite word is eh-DA?? Well that's how I spell it anyway. She will yell 'ed-Da' to Roman or say it softly to us or herself. But, when I try to get her to say anything else she just yells 'DAAA.' I'm pretty worried that Dada will be her first official word, so I'm saying Mama as much as I can. Before they'd both say mamamama or dadadada or even nananana, but she's sticking with eh-Da for now. 
Me and Roman

My handsome boy, in his sister's purple pants...See what happens when I leave them alone with Dad too long

Vivienne in one of her laughing moods

I cannot get my camera to move fast enough to catch her really laughing hard:(

Friday, November 26, 2010

Post Thanksgiving Catch up

Well we had a great Thanksgiving here at our place and the past 3 days have been a lot of fun. The day before turkey day we were able to get so many things checked off the to-do list. Nothing like a family get-together to get your butt in gear. We got the buffet and table in the house and we hung my new curtains in the dining room. I'm pretty pleased with the dining room now, if only we had chairs we'd be complete.

As I went through the house cleaning and preparing dinner on Thanksgiving day, Roman followed me in his walker. I would get mad when he tried to hobble for the 100th time in that damn thing, but when I turned around, he'd just have his head tilted, like, "what-ch ya doin' mom?" I was in charge of the turkey, stuffing and a couple homemade pumpkin pies. I actually bought a pumpkin, cooked it, and then turned it into a pie. The turkey turned out great, the stuffing so-so and the pies were ok too. By the time family arrived to eat, Gabe and I were exhausted. My extended family came and so did Gabe's parents and his brother. We had some good food and everyone was impressed w/ Roman's appetite, which he and I both regret today:(
Roman following me around watching me clean
The pumpkin that became a pie

Before we sat down to eat

My inlaws
Vivienne dressed up for turkey
Roman too
We didn't really participate in Black Friday shopping, we actually had a repeat of last year. We spent it at babies-r-us. This year we bought clothes, I can't believe how much we paid for baby clothes! Especially since it was all half off!...I regret it, but at the same time, they do need some warmer clothes. I might return a few things though, just on principle. Babies just don't need that much of a clothing selection.  The rest of today was spent hanging Christmas lights outside, cleaning up the post turkey mess and attempting to watch a movie...Still working on that actually. We also made butternut squash soup. Gabe tried it for the first time the other day at The Queen Creek Olive Mill and he loved it and came home with 3 squash. We didn't have time to make it yesterday so we experimented today, and it was good. Well, Gabe thought it was great, I though, egh... But, I'll be eating it for a few days since there's so much of it:)  We really have had a great few days and I'm sad that Gabe has to go back to work tomorrow. 

Some random cuteness

I hope everyone else had as much fun on their holiday as we did!!
In his cowboy shirt:)

Oh ya, here's a before & after of the dining room

Roman seems to like it, soon we hope to have more than just patio chairs and we need something on the bare wall!