Saturday, April 17, 2010

10 weeks and Sleep

Today we went to the Gilbert Global Festival. It was advertised to have foods from different cultures with booths and exhibits. Well, besides fry bread and Indian food there wasn't much culture in the food. Although, I have never tried Indian food before. It was pretty good, and even came with something quite similar to fry bread. I cannot remember what it was called but there was a very tender chicken dish with a yummy sauce, some sort of rice dish that had veggies and a little kick to it. We only stayed an hour, they did have some activities but our babies are too little:(

The babies are ten weeks now, and are really starting to sleep well through the night. I don't know if anyone besides my family reads this but in case someone will a baby does, we used the "Baby Wise" method, to an extent anyway. We didn't follow it to a tee, but it was suggested by someone who has twins AND triplets!! We read it and started implementing it around 5 or 6 weeks although it does say you can start it at week 2. We try to keep the babies on the same night time routine also. Between 7:30 and 8:30 they each get a bath before they eat. I like to use some lavender baby wash and lotion too. Once they finish eating I try to put them down right away so they can go to sleep. Typically, Roman will sleep to at least 3 am. Vivienne is a little piggy and wakes up earlier around 2am. This is a nice little stretch of time, especially when I have to work the next morning. After the 2/3 am feedings they are up around 5-6 am. Of course, their still pretty young so, they have their occasional set backs, especially if we skip bath time. When Roman first started going 6 hours between feedings I got a little worried but the Dr said she wouldn't worry since they are gaining weight so well.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shots- Oh No!

The twins had their 2 month check up today and they each got 3 shots. They actually handled them pretty well, only crying for a minute or so. Now, they're sleeping it off.

Vivienne has surpassed her brother, she is now a solid 10 lbs and 22 inches long. Roman is 9 lbs 15 oz and 21 1/2 inches long (so close). The dr even looked at her and said, "what a little fatty." I'd get mad but it's true.

Both babies are really starying to "talk" lately, it is the cutest thing ever!! Roman wants to talk every time I put him down at night. It's so cute I don't want to leave the room, which I think is his plan?? :)

A couple of days ago Vivienne gave me a real smile, I mean corners of the mouth turned up gums showing, real smile. It was too much for me, I actually got tears in my eyes. These kids are turning me into a softy!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Two months

The twins turned 2 months on Tuesday. I celebrated by going back to work:( It's rough getting up after taking care of babies at night but the twins decided to give me a break and started going up to 7 hrs between feedings. So, I usually don't have to get up til around 2. After that though, they don't like to sleep very long, so they are back up by 5. Gabe has been helpful though, on his nights off, he takes them the whole night while I sleep. That was really nice this week since I've also been sick. I took some cold medicine on Wednesday and slept a whole night for the first time in forever!

Vivienne is so alert lately,(can't really tell in these pics;) she loves staring at the pictures above the couch and our bed. The other night at 4am she was laying on the bed just smiling away at the picture. It was so cute, she laughs more now and we love it. Roman, he smiles more too, but has been pretty grumpy lately, especially while I'm at work. He misses his mommy:) The only way he sleeps anymore is in his swing, might be a bad habit but who cares as long as the boy sleeps.

We spent Easter in QV and Vivienne wore a small flower on her head...