Friday, June 25, 2010

4 Month Checkup

Poor Romi and Vivi! They had to get their shots yesterday:( They are not taking it as well as last time either. Vivienne is still having a rough time today, she did not want to sleep last night and woke up with a slight fever. She just went down for tonight a lot easier than yesterday but Gabe said she was pretty cranky all day. Roman on the other hand had a rough night but was feeling pretty good today just not real hungry.

Official Weigh in:

Vivienne 13 lbs 11 oz 24 inches long

Roman 13 lbs 7 oz 24 inches long

I can't believe these kids don't weigh more than this! I really thought they'd be at least 15 lbs each?

Both babies are going to have to have some blood work done, for regular screening. I am not looking forward to that! We're gonna give them until Wednesday though to recover and hopefully forget about the shots. Vivienne is also going to have to have an ultrasound done of her head. Dr says it's growing a bit fast and wants to make sure there's no problems. She thinks it may just be a big headed gene that runs in the family. Which I would not be surprised about, I'm sure that's all it is too.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Aquarium Re_cap

Since everyone is napping now, (but me for some reason?) I thought I'd upload the aquarium pictures now. It was an ok aquarium. Gabe thought $17 each was a bit much for what we saw but I think it's because we have babies, not young kids who enjoy running around and looking at everything. If you have kids that can enjoy it with you, then going on a weekday is worth it. I've heard the line to get in on the weekend is ridiculous, and I wouldn't stand in line for this show. It's like going through a lot of large home aquariums, but they did have lots of bright colors, that did get the babies attention.

Catching Up

Gabe and I both decided to take the day off today since our babysitter had other plans? It worked out well though, we plan on taking the babies to the new aquarium today after their morning nap. Gabe is excited because we will be having lunch at Joe's Crab Shack afterwards:)

This morning has already been productive. I've already uploaded all of my new photos to the computer. Now I'm updating the blog so everyone can see them. Poor Maggie has definitely been neglected since the arrival of the twins. I'm embarrassed to say I just gave her the second bath since they arrived:( Now, she's running around the house like a new dog. I'm not sure why I bothered though, since the backyard has also been neglected and we now have a pile of dirt and dead grass which she drags into the house daily.

I can also do some of the photo projects I've been wanting to do because Gabe bought me a new printer for our two year anniversary (June 6th). Doesn't sound like the most romantic gift ever, bought it is exactly what I wanted. I hate paying to have my photos printed or making special gifts online and having to wait for them. I'm VERY impatient.

Gabe and I also spent our first night away from the babies for our anniversary. We spent the night in Prescott, where we got married. There were a lot of activities, a car show and an antique show the next day in the square. We go there so often but never take any pictures! I'm so mad about that! But we did have an amazing meal at El Gato Azul, it's a Spanish tapas restaurant. If you go to Prescott go there for dinner, skip Murphy's, which has been disappointing the last two times we've gone:(

The babies took so long to get out of their newborn size clothes and I loved it. Now, they are growing like crazy. I'm trying on 3-6 months clothes that already are too small. I'm not sure why baby companies don't get together and agree on how big each size should actually be.

I swear when I got home last night Roman had grown at least an inch since I'd put him to bed the night before. He is so cute in the mornings. He is an early riser, like his dad. So, we can hear him talking to himself in the mirror or to his bears above his swing. Love it! We have finally gotten him sleeping through the night in his actual crib, this just happened over the last week. I think he was getting to big for his swing and now he can stretch out. Except, when I go in to get him in the mornings, he's usually curled up trying to eat his own feet. Roman loves to talk, but he has the same 'indoor' voice as the rest of the Franks'. As in, his talking sounds more like yelling to everyone else. He is very excited by the sound of his own voice.

Vivienne is also growing like crazy, lets just say she's a bit thicker than her little brother. I love her fat cheeks and her chubby knees. I swear I want to bite those cheeks all day! Vivienne has a very sweet disposition. She's very laid back and when she talks its very quiet and soft. But, if you tell her she has stinky feet, she CRACKS UP! She loves it, and we love hearing her chubby girl laugh. For some reason when she wakes up in the morning she loves to lift her feet straight in the air and then drop them hard on the mattress. I think this is her way of getting our attention. Vivienne is not a big crier, the only real time she cries is if she is VERY tired or slightly hungry:)

UGH, I can't get over how cute these two kids are. I miss them so much during the day! Which is why I'm so glad we can have a family day today.

Roman lounging on the couch. He' s only gonna get one use out of that onesie.

Vivienne with her Aunt Jessica and Nana Penny

Roman with Grandpa Cecil on Father's Day.

Vivienne looking Cute as usual!

Roman after his bath

Vivienne in her dress looking good for Father's day at the Barraza family party.
Sweet babies!
Dad is more interesting than the camera

Romi with his daddy
Vivi haning out on a hot day
Vivienne in her D-Backs jersey
Getting ready for bed
Maggie after her bath, hard to tell here, but she looks MUCH better. Unfortunately, my office does not.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Four months

I can't believe how fast time is going by! The twins are getting so big and are funnier every day. I have been so busy I haven't really had time to post pics. So here are a few for now.