Sunday, August 22, 2010


The babies had their 6 month checkup and each baby is 26 inches long. Roman is 16 lbs even and Vivienne is 16.3. Babies are doing well but the dr is sending Vivienne for some physical therapy because she's 'stiff.' The dr says she should be moving a lot more than she is but I personally just think she's lazy and knows everyone will pick her up. But, we'll take and and see what happens.

Today we had peas for breakfast and no one liked them. I couldn't get them to finish them. Roman is a terror in his crib, every time I go check on them during nap or at night, he's awake, on his belly with his feet dangling out of the crib. We have a bumber but he kicks it until it falls down. He cannot just lay down and fall asleep. He rolls back and forth and up and down. Crazy kid! Not Vivienne, she just stares at herself in the mirror we put in her crib. She talks to herself and laughs. We've been working on getting them to sit up by themselves and when I put them facing each other they want to hold hands and eat each others feet. The cutest thing is that every time Vivi looks at Roman she laughs. The both try and talk to each other too.

Love this picture, Vivienne thinks Roman is SO funny!
So handsome

Vivienne rockin' her bikini, thank God, her outie went back in.

Tangled up in his blanket

Modeling the tutu I made her

Thursday, August 5, 2010

6 months

Love those cheeks!

Daddy's girl

My Boys

I can't believe my babies will be 6 months old tomorrow! Gabe and his family were laughing at me because I've already started collecting a few decorations for their 1st birthday party. Whatever, I like to be prepared!

They are getting so big and doing so much. Roman not only rolls from his back to stomach but now he can go from back to stomach then on his back again. He is cruising all over the house in his walker too! Vivienne likes to move a bit slower and prefers to chew on her walker and go for shorter distances. Vivienne is the first one to cut a tooth. Well, it's only part of the way out but it's official. She will get at least one of her bottom front teeth. The dentist warned us that she might not have any since she was born with 2 on the bottom and they were removed.

Gabe and I went to Flagstaff last weekend for my friends wedding. It poured all the way there but cleared up beautiffully for the wedding. It was a short and sweet ceremony and they were such a cute and happy couple.

This was the view behind the bride and groom

I'm taking the babies to Show Low tomorrow with my parents. That way we can at least sit outside and enjoy the cool weather for a day or 2.