Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sleeping? No, not really

We always counted ourselves lucky when it came to getting the babies to sleep. Roman put up a fight the first few weeks and even slept in between us a while. Then, he started sleeping on his own at 6 or 7 weeks he was sleeping up to 6 hours a night. Which was great! Vivienne took longer, she always woke up early to eat. Then after a couple more weeks she was sleeping too. We had a hiccup and Roman decided he would only sleep in his swing, hey not ideal, but it worked. Then, around 4 months he was back in his bed and sleeping fine. Vivienne, was good too.

Then, about a month ago, another set back. EESH, Roman, he just does not go down without a fight, every night! It doesn't matter how tired he is, he'll be rubbing his eyes, fussy and yawing so we put him down, (always the same time) and the screaming starts. It is not the usual whiny cry before bed it is full blown melt down. I have tried letting him cry, (before, it took no more than 5 minutes)but he just keeps screaming-bloody-murder screaming! Luckily, Vivienne can sleep through it, for the most part anyway. So, I give him a few minutes, go back and check on him, pick him up, he's fine. Lay him back down, HAAAAAAAHAHHHHAAA. OK, try it again, pick him up take him in my room, he's happy as a clam. I let him roll around my bed for 10-15 minutes before he gets cranky and tired again. And we repeat....

Luckily, this has gone from 7 days a week to about 5. He's sleeping like an angel right now. I'm scared to even type that last sentence because I might jinx it?! Last night I though I was in the clear, but no, it didn't last. Of course, he is still an early riser, 4:30 this morning he started making noise. Vivienne though, she slept til almost 7am!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

New Focus

When we bought our house 3 years ago, we had lots of updates in mind. We started a few too. Painting, new floors in the living room, kitchen and dining room went in. We refinished our kitchen cabinets and new furniture was purchased. It was a slow but steady process. Then, we found out we were having twins. Our focus obviously changed. Our storage room/treadmill room became the nursery. Everything in that room moved into the office, (which is a mess now). We also had the nursery closest full of our clothes, which we had to find a new space for, when there wasn't enough space, we threw it out or donated it. The nursery turned out great, unfortunately, it is the ONLY room that is finished!
I want to start working on the house again. Decorating mostly, but we still have to finish installing the new flooring in the office and master bedroom. We also need new floors in both bathrooms. We are in dire need for organizing. We have a HUGE problem with mail, we don't have a designated place for it, so every room in the house has a pile of it. We never know what is important enough to keep and what isn't. Seriously, our insurance company sends us at least 4-5 pieces of mail every month. We don't know if it is actually necessary or not, so we keep it.
My other problem is not knowing where to start. I figure the place most people see is the living/kitchen/dining area. Especially since we decided to host Thanksgiving this year!!?? This area just needs some color, it is SO boring right now. So, I'm on the lookout for some funky picture frames and mirrors. I also want to sell our current pub style dining set and get something more practical. Maybe a round one with some cute mismatched chairs. I also want to replace our coffee table as it will be a hazard any day now that Roman is crawling and trying to pick himself up. My biggest issue is budget, twins require a lot of food, diapers and formula, Crazy I know?? :) Not that I want a bunch of new stuff anyway, old & used items have more character and that is what we are missing right now. So, this weekend there is a community sale down the road, and I will be there, cash in hand,ready to start my latest project!
My last issue, we have so much baby stuff! My mom laughed when I told her about our latest purchase (below)...."and you said the babies would never take over your house! HAHAHAHAHA". So she was right, but I really want to be able to keep baby stuff out of sight when we have guests, is that even possible??
When I told Gabe I wanted to redecorate, this is not what I had in mind for a new rug???

Picture Time

I decided when I was pregnant that I would take a picture of the twins every month to track their growth. Up until this month, it has been an easy task. With Vivienne, it still is, but when it is Roman's turn, YIKES! This boy cannot stay still for a second. By the time I put down the paper that says 7 months, and lift the camera up he has eaten a chunk of it!?

Roman with his great grandpa Ellis

Vivienne wearing her Nana's glasses?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

He's on the move folks

Yep, Roman started crawling on Thursday! His legs are not doing much of the work, so it is more like an army crawl, but he's definitely getting were he wants to be. AND the very same day Vivienne rolled over for the first time! She took her time but now she's ready to go!
I'm so excited that they are learning to do new things but it makes me sad too, because once again I missed Vivienne roll over for the first time. I did see Roman crawl though. I was cooking and I kept hearing something behind me, finally I turned around and there he was. When I started to walk close to him, he saw my feet an went after them. So Cute!
Needless to saw when Vivienne had her physical therapy evaluation a couple weeks ago, they said she was fine. The therapist said she was more scared of falling backward than she was lacking in ability. Now, we have proof. She's just like all the other pretty girls, why do much if everyone will do it for you;)
I'm a princess!
Too Cool!
Yes, I'm cute I know! Roman w/ Noah the baby goat?
Roman on the move

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Race for the Cure

I have signed up for the Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure. It will be held on October 10th. I have a small goal of raising just $150. So anything you could donate would be greatly appreciated. It's for a great cause.

Click Here to Donate

Sunday, September 5, 2010

More pics

Lets see we're only 2 days away from the 7month mark! It's so exciting to see these two growing and changing but at the same time it makes me sad. I can definitely see why people have more babies. I was putting their tiny tiny clothes away for storage yesterday and I was so sad. I want them to be small again. But, I also want them to walk so I don't have to carry 2 babies in car seats into restaurants and stores. I should have some huge guns by now!

Roman got his first haircut last week, cut by me of course. Gabe wanted to take him to the barber but I think I should have the privilege of the first hair cut even if I don't know what I'm doing. Besides I don't think he could sit still in a barbershop, too many new things for him to see. He did pretty well letting me cut it though.

You'll have to excuse the bad photos, I think my camera has a scratch or smudge on the lens?!

Vivienne cracking up at her daddy.

Roman and Vivienee starring at Maggie

Roman thinks Maggies hilarious

Roman and Grandpa

Before his haircutAfter, I may have taken a little too much off this side..OOPS

Handsome as ever!