Friday, November 26, 2010

Post Thanksgiving Catch up

Well we had a great Thanksgiving here at our place and the past 3 days have been a lot of fun. The day before turkey day we were able to get so many things checked off the to-do list. Nothing like a family get-together to get your butt in gear. We got the buffet and table in the house and we hung my new curtains in the dining room. I'm pretty pleased with the dining room now, if only we had chairs we'd be complete.

As I went through the house cleaning and preparing dinner on Thanksgiving day, Roman followed me in his walker. I would get mad when he tried to hobble for the 100th time in that damn thing, but when I turned around, he'd just have his head tilted, like, "what-ch ya doin' mom?" I was in charge of the turkey, stuffing and a couple homemade pumpkin pies. I actually bought a pumpkin, cooked it, and then turned it into a pie. The turkey turned out great, the stuffing so-so and the pies were ok too. By the time family arrived to eat, Gabe and I were exhausted. My extended family came and so did Gabe's parents and his brother. We had some good food and everyone was impressed w/ Roman's appetite, which he and I both regret today:(
Roman following me around watching me clean
The pumpkin that became a pie

Before we sat down to eat

My inlaws
Vivienne dressed up for turkey
Roman too
We didn't really participate in Black Friday shopping, we actually had a repeat of last year. We spent it at babies-r-us. This year we bought clothes, I can't believe how much we paid for baby clothes! Especially since it was all half off!...I regret it, but at the same time, they do need some warmer clothes. I might return a few things though, just on principle. Babies just don't need that much of a clothing selection.  The rest of today was spent hanging Christmas lights outside, cleaning up the post turkey mess and attempting to watch a movie...Still working on that actually. We also made butternut squash soup. Gabe tried it for the first time the other day at The Queen Creek Olive Mill and he loved it and came home with 3 squash. We didn't have time to make it yesterday so we experimented today, and it was good. Well, Gabe thought it was great, I though, egh... But, I'll be eating it for a few days since there's so much of it:)  We really have had a great few days and I'm sad that Gabe has to go back to work tomorrow. 

Some random cuteness

I hope everyone else had as much fun on their holiday as we did!!
In his cowboy shirt:)

Oh ya, here's a before & after of the dining room

Roman seems to like it, soon we hope to have more than just patio chairs and we need something on the bare wall!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

9 Month Checkup

The babies are a little over 9 months but their checkup was Friday. Here are the stats:
Vivienne: 18 lbs 14 oz
               281/4 in long
Roman:   17lbs 10 oz
               27 1/2 in long

So Vivienne is holding her title as the big sister:)

Here are some pics before our morning walk today...
 They're all bundled up because it is finally cold
 Vivienne wasn't to excited to go outside
But Roman always loves to walk.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Checkin' In

I've been so busy the last few weeks. I've been trying to get everything together for the baby shower I'm throwing this weekend. Don't get me wrong, I love to plan a party but I should have known better when  was asked to 'help out.' I've ended up doing it all pretty much. I don't want to complain too much though, because I did take things over because I had so many great ideas. Now, most of those are still 'ideas' since I don't realistically have the time it takes to finish those types of projects. Between work, the drive back n forth to work, trying to have some quality time with my husband and babies & all of the chores life has, I just haven't had the time. By the time I usually have time to sit and relax, it's 9pm and I'm just killing time until the babies finally fall asleep. Then, if I'm lucky, I can take a shower. Anyway, no more complaining. 
The shower is for my friend Maria, who I've known since 7th grade. She is actually the reason I met Gabe in the first place. She married his cousin. This is their 2nd baby girl and since their first is already 6, its pretty exciting. She also threw a shower for me when I was expecting the twins. I'm mostly worried that it won't go well. But, it's a baby shower, how hard can that be, egh?

For you viewing pleasure:

 Roman w/ Daddy before taking family photos
Roman is a great eater, he loves everything. He especially loves the teething cookies,
as you can see here.
 Roman w/ Daddy again, isn't his little flannel shirt adorable!
 Vivienne is not impressed by us.
 Nana w/ the twins
 Roman, cruisin'.
 Sure Viv, I'll give you a ride...
Viv's turn at the wheel..

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

One Festival Down, 3 Paries and 2 Holidays to Go...

So the Festival was great! Everyone did an awesome job, my aunt and uncle went nuts with their farmers market booth. It was so cute and creative! I'm really glad it was a good turn out, my mom had been stressed out that no one would come, but they did and they had a great time. The kids loved the dunk tank and bounce house. My sister had a booth for games including mini golf. My brother had a face painting booth that was quite busy and even got some return guests, after they got rinsed off in the dunk tank. 
I sold my caramel apples, but didn't even get to eat one. But I made up for it with fry bread and hot dogs and delicious hand squeezed lemonade. That lady made a killing because it got quite warm Saturday. Seriously 90 degrees on Halloween weekend???  I almost volunteered for the dunk tank!
 My pretty mum doing her pageant pose in front of my booth
 My brother paintin' faces. That's his artwork behind him. The spider/skelton on the left was sold the night before! Go Jake!
 My sisters game station, her, her bf and my mom made the games
and the scarecrow on the left. Kids can stand behind it to take their own pics..cute!
 Suzy & Jon put all the booths to shame- they even had a barrel 
so kids could bob for apples!
 I wish I took more pics but my batteries were dying! That's Suzy in the middle & my Nana to the to the scarecrow. Honestly, my photos don't do their booth justice:(
 Vivienne and Aunt Vicki
 Roman in his overalls
 Alexis' Tiny Barn -  Noah the goat is the cutest thing ever
 View from my booth, there was volleyball and a washers tournament too.

After the festival we were exhausted I drove home and we decided it was probably time to carve the pumpkin we got weeks ago...I can't believe I'm posting this picture!! Please do not judge me, I'd been out hocking caramel apples all day and was lookin' a bit rough!

Which one looks better, real or fake??

For Halloween we handed out candy and ate some tacos. My sister and her boyfriend came in costume.  I'm so mad I didn't take more pictures of the babies in their costumes! I was so busy getting them into them and then trying to make sure everyone had food, I just forgot?
 Hilary and Jack, the new 'it' couple??
 Vivienne the turkey
 I love these costumes too much not to force the kids into them again
Thanksgiving day I might have to pull them out again
AWWW love birds:)