Friday, December 16, 2011

I can't believe Christmas is next week!

Time is flying by!! I started a new job a few weeks ago and I still have 2 more weeks of training. So far, I'm loving the people and I'm excited to start the real job and be out of the classroom. The kids have been sick for what seems like FOREVER. The Dr said they will probably just get one cold after another because it's just that time of year. The past two nights have been awful, very little sleep happening. They are so congested they just cannot sleep. We've rubbed down with Vicks and have the humidifier on, but they're still having a rough time. Then I read stories like this and it makes me even more paranoid. People who do not vaccinate their children drive me nuts, mainly because most of them haven't done any real research on the subject and made the decision after hearing a few stories.

Anyway, we still have a few more gifts to by tomorrow. I'm hoping I find everyone something they really like. I have to finish up my baking too, biscotti, granola, and sugar cookies.So that was a brief post, but the kids are asleep and it may only be for an hour before we have another l o n g night and I'd like to take a warm bath first.

From our family Christmas photos

Kids refused to sit still

Monday, November 28, 2011

Stationery card

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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

We picked this up last weekend at a pumpkin patch

We turned him into this..

Both babies wearing orange really was a coincidence, no really it was!

Fascinated by the light

Now he's sitting next to the electric pumpkin

Halloween night!!

Nana bought him a glow in the dark ax

Vivi had crooked wings and a halo but she wouldn't let me fix them!

First stop!!

Getting candy is really this easy????

We had to remove her wings:(

I had to drag him away from these pumpkins

Chasing Nana

Trick or Treating at their own house

Showing daddy the goods

and stealing from the bowl of candy

Monday, October 24, 2011

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Well hello there

I have been so tired of staring at a computer all day that when I get home the last thing I want to do is log on again. But, I've been home sick since Wednesday and Gabe left for his annual hunting trip Thursday. So, I'm finally ready to give an update. Although, I have memory issues, so I can only go back to Thursday, haha.

I got so much done on Thursday, because the twins were at the sitter. I cleaned the house, and finished sanding and staining a table I bought a few weeks ago. It's an old farmhouse table and really cute. I need to hurry with the finishing touches so both vehicles fit in the garage again. I was a victim of bored teenagers (I'm assuming) and my car has a handful of dents and some missing paint! Ugh, that pisses me off beyond belief.

Anyway, after I picked the twins up on Thursday I took them to a farmers market/petting zoo. It was cute and I bought some local honey and they briefly enjoyed the animals. I ended up feeding the goats and sheep myself while the twins picked up rocks.It is really hard to keep up with these two when flying solo, they typically take off in opposite directions. They weren't as interested in the animals as I thought they'd be.

Friday,  we went for a nice walk and then a shopping trip to Target. They behaved so well, luckily I went prepared this time, bowls of Cheerios and sippy cups full. That night we met my family for dinner to celebrate my dad and my little sisters birthday, again, twins behaved wonderfully!

Today, there was a community yard sale so we checked some out while on our morning walk, but we didn't find anything we couldn't live without. After that we stayed home, we ran around a lot yesterday, until this afternoon and I took them to the mall for some play time. They love the play area with the slides but people take their 'big' kids there and let them loose, some of them are so rough and push the babies out of the way. It's really hard for me not to push them back but I restrained myself.

Now, they are talking to each other in the next room, falling asleep. I love listening to them, last night Vivi was asleep but Roman was talking to his bear like old friends, ugh melts my heart.

Hiding from the paparazzi

She's not:)

So, I may have dressed them like elderly tourists this day??


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Slow Down!

This past Thursday was their first swimming lesson. It was pretty hectic so I didn't get any pictures. They did pretty well though. They were the youngest in the class and the only real beginners. Roman was fighting me the whole time because he just wanted me to let him go. Vivi was scared at first but then laughed the rest of the time. We were planning on only going one month so they could get the basics but Gabe wants to sign them up for more. I think its a good idea, but we'd have to change the dates since I'm starting school at the end of the month. I'm not sure why I decided to make this decision and I swore I would never go back after I received my bachelors. I guess I feel I'm wasting a good opportunity if I don't take advantage of a free education. 

Anyway back to the twins...I swear these kids have grown like weeds over the past two weeks. I've been looking at them the past couple days and I'm shocked by how tall they are. I tried to hold Vivi like a baby and her legs are soooo long! Gabe and I are not liking this one bit. Both are also starting to "talk" up a storm. They just look at us and tell some elaborate story, and we just nod and say really? what else? That part is quite adorable but I wish they'd slow down for little while. I want them to be my little babies a little bit longer. Their actual vocabulary is growing to, they can now say: apple, up, pink, pig, owl,  tank eww :-) and apparently Roman says zebra and giraffe when he's with the sitter??

Some new things they've learned that are no so cute, Vivi screams. Not, just No! or some sort of crying but a high pitched ear piercing shriek. She usually does this when we are trying to steer her in another direction or take something bad away from her, typically while in a small and extremely quiet restaurant, while very near to my left ear. Yay for me! Roman, hasn't learned a new bad habit but is still hanging on to an old favorite, tantrums. I have a feeling this boy won't be growing out of 'em anytime soon...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Play Kitchen...Finale

We finished the play kitchen last weekend and it turned out pretty cute. At the end we were pretty tired and rushed a few things, but I'm still pretty pleased with it. I need to find a different color for the accessories because I hate the turquoise blue I grabbed. But, those don't need to be attached, so they can wait.

My mom bought the kids the cutest little tin play pots and pans and some play food too. She said they played with it the whole time we were gone.

Go to addicted to decorating to see more homemade projects from fellow bloggers.

Gabe and I spent last night in Prescott for much needed R&R. We walked the square where we bought some great hand made gifts. We also spent an hour just laying in the grass and reading. It was very peaceful. I think the 2 man flute band helped the mood.

Since I'm nice I used the photo where Gabe is smiling and I look exhausted     

This girl thinks she pretty darn cute...I have to agree.
and this boy is covered in mud and couldn't have been happier with himself.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Play Kitchen Part Deux

The play kitchen we're building (I've recruited my husband) is almost done. I can't wait for the babies to see it. After all the sweat we've put into it (literally), they better LOVE it! :)

It's so hot outside that we've only been able to work on it for an hour at a time before we're dehydrated and exhausted. I thought we'd be done this past Saturday but we didn't have the right hinges and we ran out of screws.

I wanted to use a more gender neutral color, but I already had a full can of the 'ballet slipper' pink and I didn't want to spend more than needed. The gray was left over from a table we refinished a few months ago.
I found a metallic spray paint for the oven door and loved it. I also found some knobs from our kitchen makeover to use instead of the wood pieces shown here. I didn't take updated photos yet because I was seriously delirious after sweating away 10lbs in the garage. I'm hoping we can finish this Friday since I have the day off.

I try to take the twins to my parents house every Sunday. This gives Gabe a quiet house to sleep in (he works the graveyard shift) and we get to spend time with the family. Last weekend we got there around 10am. It was well into the 90's if not hotter and my mom decided to fill up a bucket she had so they could splash around. Cooping them up all day is hard on everyone. Luckily, there was plenty of shade under their mulberry tree ( I think that's what it is?).  You can also see my dad's garden in the back ground:)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ya, I'm going to build a play kitchen

I recently purchased this little gem at Savers for $8.15 since they were having a 40% off sale that day.

 I plan on making a play kitchen for the twins with it. The ones you can buy at the toy store are so ugly and big. I want to make something cute, that has a bit of personality. I've looked all over the internet for inspiration, and there is plenty! It has some damage on the top but I can fill it in or cover it up. But I hope in the end it will look kinda like this one:

I love the window on this one...

and this one.
You can see a couple others here and here.

I've already purchased a few things while at the Goodwill, the Dollar Store and Hobby Lobby.
I found a bowl at Goodwill and Gabe already cut out the whole. I think I should have used a smaller bowl. I won't have much space left for the 'stove' portion of the kitchen.

Today's broadcast is brought to us by the letter J. I kid I kid.

 I'm saw this on several other play kitchens in my research. Turning the letter J or L upside down, and you got yourself a faucet. Found this one at Hobby Lobby for around $4.
I picked these take out containers at the dollar store. I think I'm going to use the lids as 'burners.'

I'm going to use this fabric for the curtains. $6.95 for one yard.

Also from Hobby lobby are these little wood pieces for the stove knobs and I glued two together for the kitchen sink.