Saturday, February 26, 2011

Oh ya, 12 month Check up

Things are only getting busier around here, so it's hard to find time to post. The kids had their 1 year check up a few weeks ago, here are the stats.

Vivienne- 19lbs 6oz & 29 inches
Roman - 19 lbs 6 oz and 28 1/2 inches

Yep, Vivi's taller:)

So that was on 2/10. We had to take Vivi back this past Monday for an allergic reaction and she was up to 19 lbs & 15 oz.  We think it may have been a strawberry flavored snack, but the poor girl was spotted like a cheetah. She didn't seem to notice though, no itching or fussiness and it was gone after 2 days. Weird?

Other than that, it's been the same old happenings. We did go buy their new car seats today. We got a pretty good deal. We had to two 20% off coupons plus the multiple discount ( totally didn't know about this until today but Babies R Us gives you 10% off when you buy 2 of something b/c you have multiples. This info would have been nice over the past year!) saving us over a hundred bucks baby! Would have been even better if I had remembered the Babies R Us gift card sitting on my counter right now- doh!  Can't believe I forgot I had that until I started typing this!! Ugh, that's going to drive me crazy for the rest of the night.
Roman making faces at me

Crazy spots? Oh and if you look really closely you can see her new pierced ears

They both LOVE this new toy it sings in English & Spanish

Taking turns

I loved my new camera at first, until I realized the orange light that comes on before the flash bothers Vivi & now most of her pics look like this!! :(

or this!

SO handsome!

Reading time

hmm, not quite right?

As soon as I put him in this he started crackin' up!?

Perfect pose

Sunday, February 6, 2011

First Birthday!!

I saw a few different people make this rainbow cake online so I thought I'd give it a try. Turned out pretty good.
 My babies are 1 today!! I can't believe it. Time just flew by!! We had their party on Friday, just immediate family this year. Since it was too cold, and already dark we had the whole party inside our tiny living room. Even though space was limited we had a great time. Everything turned out great, except my pictures, it was too dark inside. The babies started getting cranky early due to a lack of napping so we had to whip out the cake and their smash cakes early. It was a long day, I had to work then come home and throw everything together, luckily Gabe and his sister were there to help out!

The babies weren't sure what to do when everyone started singing Happy Birthday. Getting a shot with all four of us looking at the camera is impossible. So mad that the poor lighting killed all of our photos!
I had some posters made with pictures starting at birth up to two weeks ago

No, these are not my babies, but this is the present Grandpa and Nana got the twins
This pinata is so cute. Instead of the kids hitting it, they just pull strings until the candy comes out. The babies loved it. And much safer for an indoor part.

Roman with his great grandpa Ellis

Every picture I took of these two was blurry so this is the best one

Vivienne rubbing her tired little head

I made them each a giant cupcake. I put the whip cream on way to early and it melted. I promise they were so much cuter when they were first done! Not, that they cared, Roman loved his so much he was actually hugging it! Vivienne kept slapping hers. So funny!

Roman on his new toy wearing his muscle shirt. Birthday clothes were ruined by whipped cream

Vivi and her aunt Jessica