Sunday, March 20, 2011

Trip to the lake

I took a vacation day Friday to spend some quality time with my babies and my husband. Our schedules don't always allow a lot of together time. So I took the day off and we had a nice breakfast of baked sweet potatoes with brown sugar, which Roman loved and Vivi barely ate.
After we put them down for a nap, we made and packed our lunch. Then when they woke up, my in-laws were there and we all drove to Canyon Lake. It's a quick 30 minute drive but the babies didn't enjoy it. They don't like to be strapped down as son as they wake up. But, when we arrived, they were in great moods. We all sat down at the picnic table and stuffed our faces. Then we laid some blankets down by the water and let the babies crawl around. Roman saw is grandpa in the water and stuck his arms out. Those two played in the water for a good 15 minutes before Gabe and is Dad both got tired. Roman loved the water. He just sat on the bank splashing around and laughing. Vivi was already tired so she just climbed all over her Uncle Jorge.
It was a great little adventure and I'm very glad I took the day off.
Much like here momma, Vivi doesn't do well in the heat

Roman with his Grandpa

With Daddy

Vivi hanging in the shade w/ uncle

Pink cheeks

Even after going in the water, he still had some food left on his face

Friday, March 18, 2011

Family Photos

We got our pictures back from Isela, I love how the colors came out.Too bad you can see the bags under my eyes from the night of no sleep. Isela is about to have her own baby, so I was so happy she made the time to take our pictures.

Car seat troubles

So I wrote a few weeks ago that we got a good deal on some car seats. Well, not that great of a deal if the babies hate them. We had bought the Evenflo Momentum 65. We were told that it had the best side impact safety rating, and it had plenty of padding for a comfortable ride, or so we thought. Every time we put the twins in them, they screamed, if the ride was long enough, they'd cry themselves to sleep. The bad part about that was that even in the fully reclined position, they'd lean forward. So their little heads would be slumped forward. Plus, they were huge, and Gabe wasn't able to put his seat back all the way in his truck. This is an issue because he drives them around all week, and he's 6'4". So, after a few weeks we decided we'd return them. This time a did a little more research, I used and found that the Cosco Scerena was in the top four rated car seats. This is what sold me: "But the proof is in the crash testing: The Scenera earns the highest possible safety rating in one major test -- at less than a third of the price of the least expensive Britax." Guess what else, it's $60!! Well, actually depending on were you buy it, it's between $40-60. At the time we looked Walmart had them for $39.99 online, but they didn't sell it in stores, I'm looking now, and they have them in store?? Babies R Us has them online for $60 and Target, where we bought them, had them in store for $50. The one we got is actually the Cosco Scerena 40RF. There are only 2 issues that we questioned, but decided weren't worth worrying about. The first, it is only rear facing up to 40 lbs, the others can go up to 60 lbs, but, honestly the kids will be too tall at that age anyway to sit rear facing, and at $50, I don't mind having to buy the booster seat later. The 2nd issue is that when rear facing you must use a rolled towel under the seat to make it level, at least in the truck. At first I was worried about the safety of this technique, but all of the other reviews said it wasn't a problem. Once we installed in with the towel, the seats are fine, and secure. The more expensive seats have a lot of plush padding around them, since these do not, they easily fit into the truck and allow Gabe to put his seat all the way back. As soon as we put the babies in the seats we knew we had a big improvement, they could actually sit in a reclined position, and no more screaming in the car.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wagon Ride

The weather was warm this week and I got home early enough Thursday, so we finally busted out the new wagon. As soon as they were strapped in, they started laughing hysterically. Like it was the funniest thing that has ever happened. I don't know, maybe it was because they had a entirely new view of the world? I tried really hard to take photos during the walk, but they were all blurry...When we did stop so I could snap one, they'd stop laughing. 

Today, we got everyone ready and went to take family photos with my Isela. It was a great plan, except Roman decided to wake up at 4am!! Ya, Gabe was nice enough to get up with him, not that I was able to go back to sleep, then he went back down at 6am. Gabe and I just laid there trying to fall asleep until Vivi woke up at 7. So...I'm anxious to see how the photos turned out. The kids behaved for the first half, but things turned ugly when we changed locations...Changing locations probably not a good idea with 1 year old twins. Lesson learned.

I know it's blurry but I had to post it, so you could get a feel for the laughter!
Vivienne had to borrow Roman's new hat for the walk
The excitement is starting
And there it is...Seriously he was throwing himself back and forth kicking his legs, just laughing so hard. I could barely contain myself watching him
Chatting about their awesome new ride
I wish I had taken the video camera instead!