Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter...Ya, I'm late I know

We had a great Easter this year. Gabe worked the night before so I took the kids to my parents house. Of course, I showed up late because the kids finally decided to sleep for more than an hour, and there was no way I was going to wake them up early. Before we left I gave them their Easter baskets, with some summer clothes and books from me and my sister. They both love books, which is awesome. They even pretend to read them, so cute!
Once we got to my parents, the twins ate like animals. My brother was amazed at how much Roman could eat, especially chocolate cake. Then we let them play in the grass. The also got a ride on the famous Fendley Dolphin, it's been in that yard longer than I've been around. The kids had a blast and were quite tired by the time we left, luckily they slept all the way home, where we picked up Gabe and headed to his parents. This time the twins got to cruise in the Barbie jeep. Roman is almost a full time walker, he still prefers crawling if he's in a hurry.
Roman with great grandpa Ellis

Vivi in her Easter best

This is a demonstration of her giving me attitude. She grunts, ugh, every time I tried to get a picture.

Empty basket

Roman has a weird fascination with spatulas. He held on to this one for hours.

With Uncle Jacob

With aunt Vicki

The dolphin

My mom was nice enough to give the dolphin a face lift a few years ago

He actually has eyes now

With uncle Johnny


With grandpa

Tio Mundo- He said he wore this hat so he and Roman could match:)

Gabe and his uncles were playing a little catch

What I've been up too

We've been so busy the last month. I was in a pretty bad car accident a few weeks ago and I've been fighting with the credit union, DPS, Hertz and my gap insurance company. It wasn't my fault and I was lucky to only get a few minor burns, (air bag and car seat). My beloved Hyundai Tucson was totaled though. For the record, I loved that car and it is VERY safe, I even crash tested it for ya. I'm still waiting on my insurance to pay off my car, but since my rental allowance is gone we had to buy another car. I would have loved another Tucson, but I also wanted to spend less this time around, (we have some other plans for our money). So today we purchased a 2003 Toyota Highlander. So far, I like it. We got a really good deal, and it has 1/2 the miles that the Tucson did.
Hopefully things slow down for a while, but I doubt it.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Busy little weekend

Over the past weekend we went to the Riparian Preserve in Gilbert. It's so funny they things you never know excisted in your own back yard. Apparently, this park has been around since 1999, but I just found out about it a few months ago. Gabe didn't know about it either and he lived on that side of town for years!
Anyway, it's a nice place to walk and have a little picnic. Oh, and if you are a bird watcher, this is a great place. You can also fish at the main pond and even camp? I enjoyed myself, the babies didn't care too much for the walk but once we let them crawl around they were happy.
So serious

I love that she looks like a little adult here (don't worry she wasn't drinking green tea)

Wild Life

Dead grass is quite interesting

Roman's favorite pastime is pushing things around

Such a busy little man
The next day I drove down to Queen Valley where the babies enjoyed playing outside on the patio most of the day. The weather was so nice, we didn't go inside until it was time to eat, then we ran back out! Luckily, I took some of their old pants to put on them so they could ruin them in the dirt. Which they did a great job of. They also enjoyed playing with dogs, chickens and riding a goat. Oh-ya. You read correctly. Not my idea by the way. So ya, it was a redneck kind of day!??
Vivienne and "Violet"

Don't mind Nana's hot legs in the background:)

Love that sweet face

Vivi with "Annie"

As promised, my son is riding a goat

AKA "Noah"

Finishing the day w/ a little snack. (side note* these portable high chairs were only $20 at Babies R Us and they are awesome!)

One up, one to go

Guess what!  

This little man decided to walk today! He was hanging onto the couch and just let go. I tried to get him to come to me and he started laughing and took off. He went about 3 or 4 steps really fast and then sat down. Ugh, so excited!! I then tried to get him on camera for the next 45 minutes but then he just wanted to see himself on the camera.

Of course I have to even things out, so here is my little non-walking (yet) princess...