Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Long time no talk

Wow! Have we been busy! Where to start? Well, my short term memory isn't very good so lets start at two weeks ago:) We had the twins baptized, Roman's Godparents are Gabe's brother Jorge and his cousin Paloma. Vivienne's are my sister Jessica and my brother Jacob. I'd love to post some good pics but there aren't any. The babies did well for the hour long mass, but after that, they were not so happy. We had taken Roman to Urgent Care the night before for an ear infection and he was still feeling bad. After the baptism our families headed to the park and we had a nice lunch. I plan on forcing them back into their baptism clothes so I can have some pictures taken, so we'll have those soon, hopefully.

Best one of Vivi

Roman was blurry in most of his, here is is playing in the holy water:)

A couple days later we were scheduled to drive to San Diego, and we did, after taking Roman back to the Dr to see about a rash he had developed. The Dr determined it was probably an allergic reaction to the amoxicillin he had been prescribed. He had also thrown up that morning, but she said it was probably just the a virus that was ending. So we loaded the car and went to San Diego. The ride was actually better than I thought although we added an extra 2 hours to the drive to make stops for the babies to play and eat. We stopped to see my cousin, his wife and their 2 year old daughter. We had a lovely dinner and made plans to meet up again on Saturday, this was Wednesday. The next morning, Vivienne got sick, we called our Dr who said there was a stomach virus going around and it could last up to 3 days! (BTW, it's been a week so far). We all ended up sick the entire time we were in San Diego, it was horrible. We had been looking forward to this for SO LONG. We did squeeze in a few nice visits to the beach, which was just steps from our condo. So we did have some good times, but poor Vivi, she was just so sad and weak. I hate seeing her like that. The ride home wasn't too bad either, since the babies slept for most of it. But, we made one stop an hour from home and let them run around and eat some applesauce, before we were out of the parking lot, Vivi got sick again! She got sick again this morning but she's looking a lot better.
Bathing suit, hat and shades!!

The whole trip wasn't a loss they got to put their feet in the water at least
She actually yelled at all the other kids at the park

Daddy and Roman

At Balboa Park