Saturday, September 3, 2011

Slow Down!

This past Thursday was their first swimming lesson. It was pretty hectic so I didn't get any pictures. They did pretty well though. They were the youngest in the class and the only real beginners. Roman was fighting me the whole time because he just wanted me to let him go. Vivi was scared at first but then laughed the rest of the time. We were planning on only going one month so they could get the basics but Gabe wants to sign them up for more. I think its a good idea, but we'd have to change the dates since I'm starting school at the end of the month. I'm not sure why I decided to make this decision and I swore I would never go back after I received my bachelors. I guess I feel I'm wasting a good opportunity if I don't take advantage of a free education. 

Anyway back to the twins...I swear these kids have grown like weeds over the past two weeks. I've been looking at them the past couple days and I'm shocked by how tall they are. I tried to hold Vivi like a baby and her legs are soooo long! Gabe and I are not liking this one bit. Both are also starting to "talk" up a storm. They just look at us and tell some elaborate story, and we just nod and say really? what else? That part is quite adorable but I wish they'd slow down for little while. I want them to be my little babies a little bit longer. Their actual vocabulary is growing to, they can now say: apple, up, pink, pig, owl,  tank eww :-) and apparently Roman says zebra and giraffe when he's with the sitter??

Some new things they've learned that are no so cute, Vivi screams. Not, just No! or some sort of crying but a high pitched ear piercing shriek. She usually does this when we are trying to steer her in another direction or take something bad away from her, typically while in a small and extremely quiet restaurant, while very near to my left ear. Yay for me! Roman, hasn't learned a new bad habit but is still hanging on to an old favorite, tantrums. I have a feeling this boy won't be growing out of 'em anytime soon...