Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

This year we dressed up as a family. Vivienne was little red riding hood, Roman the big bad wolf, I was grandma and Gabe  was the little remembered hunter.

It was SO hard to get a decent photo of us all together. Here's an assortment from tonight and from our party last weekend. I'm hoping to get some better photos from my sister in law later.

It took me HOURS to make Vivi's costume and just as long to convince her to wear it.

It was hard to do Roman's makeup because he wouldn't stop staring at him self and growling
I need a new camera for Christmas

After a few bloody mary's

These poor pumpkins didn't make it to Halloween....they rotted within a week...That's what happens in AZ still in the upper 90's

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Dentist

We took the kids to their 2nd dentist appointment on Friday. The first time around, we took them to a pediatric dentist. It was a horrible experience. They insisted on Xrays, and held them down to clean and floss their teeth. Keep in mind they were only 18 months old and I didn't think any of this was necessary. Today we took them to Gabe's dentist. They told us ahead of time, they just want kids to get used to the dentist chair and tools. They told us at this age, Xrays really weren't necessary. Everyone was so nice and they put cartoons on (ceiling mounted TVs) and let the kids touch everything before they used it. The pics below were taking on our way out of the door. Hats because it was raining, but Vivi is wearing sandals because I tried putting her sneakers on (a month old) and they were way too small! These kids are growing WAY too fast!

Of course, Roman was not shy and did great. Gabe had to hold Vivi in the chair and was not as easy going. It was a much nicer visit though, we were in and out and nobody was in tears this time, including me.We celebrated with some pancakes at IHOP.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Where We Are Now

It's been a while since I took the time to write in length about where the kids are now. I realized that early on this is really the only place I logged any milestones. So I figured I should update it more and maybe later on have it printed so they have some sort of baby book.

August was the official 2 1/2 year mark. Everyday I am amazed at what the kids are doing and saying.

We'll start with Vivienne, since she is the oldest by 6 hours.  If I had to describe her personality in one word it would be, sassy. That's actually what we call her a lot of the time, Sassy Pants. She will cuddle with you one minute and give you the silent treatment the next. She is such a woman, full of attitude. She's very smart and I believe she has inherited my mom and brothers artistic abilities. I have always been able to distract her with coloring. Lately, she has start drawing as well. The last few weeks, she has moved beyond the normal scribbled lines to drawing faces. At first I was like, wow, that is pretty good. But, her details are pretty outstanding for a kid her age. Ever since she was little she has loved music and I'm sure I've written about it before. But, if she hears music, she stops and listens, sometimes she'll even dance. Now, she sings along to songs as we drive down the road. If I try to change the station, she yells, "Hey! That's my song!" This girl talks all day long but is very shy when we go out. Except for once, about a month ago, we were in church and an old woman bent down to say how cute they were and Vivi exclaimed, "Hi, my name is Vivienne." Unfortunately, the old woman couldn't hear her but it was SO CUTE!

What she is saying now:

"Hey, what you guys doin'!?"
"What's goin on in here?"
"I luuv ...."
"Fine! I be right back."
"Ohhh-kay" in sad voice when I ask her to do something or stop something. 

From our road trip

Roman, my little man. He can be a bit crazy sometimes but he is really such a sweetheart. I can always count on him for a cuddle and he has the softest baby skin EVER! Sometimes, when I'm laying down he'll come over to "fix" me. He pats my face and looks at me really close and serious. I die every time he does it. I believe Roman will be our comedian. He always makes silly faces or does something to make us (or maybe just himself) laugh. He is not shy at all, over the last weekend in Pinetop, he quickly ran to the fence and made friends with the little boy next door. His new thing is growling. With us, he does it when he's in trouble. But, if he's embarrassed when we are out, he'll growl at strangers too. Sometimes he says he's a tiger other days he's a bear. Cute and also embarrassing. He is very sensitive and a huge daddy's boy, but he still lets me hold is hand when we watch a movie. Even though he is sensitive, he's all boy. Very adventurous and busy. He is constantly running from one of end of the house to the other, not to mention, jumping or climbing, no fear in him, (unless it is the opening scene from Finding Nemo). He loves to examine things. He will take his toys, and turn them over and poke at them, or take them apart. Besides fixing his mom, he is always trying to fix the stroller or fix his sister's toys. If you want to get him to do anything for you, just tell him you need his "help." That's the key word in getting him to clean up after himself.

What he's saying now:

"Daddy! What you doooo!?" usually when he's been scolded.
"What's that?"
"Uno mas"
"Be nice to Moman" (he can't quite get the R right)

Showing off his muscles
Both kids, since right before turning 2 were able to recite their ABC's, count to 12 (now 20), recognize shapes, and colors. Roman sprouted above Vivi and it lasted a couple months, but she is again the taller kid. Roman is much heavier though, but not chubby, just solid. She is very dainty and girly. They love to read books, sing songs, and hide under the blankets. Although, they are horrible hiders due to the constant giggling.

Their favorite pastime

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Quick Thought

Sometimes I watch these kids do something so cute that it makes me sad. Sad to think they will not always be so small and innocent. The other night it was listening to Vivi read me a story. So sweet, making up a story with different expressions. Then, there's Roman, telling me about his day while he cuddles with me. He's a total liar and makes most of it up but I can't get enough.

I feel like a need to record every minute of my time with them. I rarely end up doing it though. I know if I stop watching to run and get the camera, they will stop. I guess it is better to just enjoy the moment. But, I'm scared I'll forget it or I won't have anything to show the when they grow up?? Ugh, tearing up just thinking about it again. Having kids has also turned me into a weird emotional person, so not who I was before.

Monday, September 3, 2012

In Recent News...

First, let me say potty training was a success. We started on a Sunday and it was hard to say the least but by Friday afternoon something must have clicked. They just got it all of a sudden. Since the following Tuesday, no more accidents. I have to say, life is so much nicer now. We ordered this travel potty that folds down so we can use it in public restrooms. Awesome little invention.

We've spent a few weekends taking them swimming which they loved and keep asking to go back. I hate that I waited too long to sign them up for lessons earlier this summer. We signed them up for the next round, but that doesn't start until October. That may sound like torture, but seriously, its Arizona, it will likely still be 100 degrees.

I brought the kids up to Pinetop again to enjoy some cooler weather. It's nice that they can actually run around outside, all day! Yesterday, they played with the nets my mom bought them and caught bugs. Today we took them yard-selling which they were less impressed with. I was worried about driving them back and forth alone, but they actually did pretty good.Luckily we had the new traveling potty and also lucky they aren't shy about going on the side of the road.

Vivi trying on Nana's glasses

He's getting so big:(

Watching a Toy Story with Annie

They did about 20 laps around the cabin with these old sleds

Actually getting along in this pic

They were having more fun than it looks, they were just mad I made them pose

Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's potty time...

Well Gabe and I thought it was. Unfortunately the kids aren't so sure. We have tried previously for a few days here, when they were showing no progress, we'd back off and wait a few weeks and try again. But, they just turned 2 1/2 and I can't take the diaper changing anymore.

We started seriously working with them this past weekend. It has been STRESSFUL! Roman has started telling us when he has to go, but he only gives us seconds to get him to the potty, but at least he is giving us a warning. Vivi on the other hand, wants NOTHING to do with this potty training business. She is so stubborn. I'm hoping tomorrow will be easier and that by Monday we will have some real progress.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

It's been forever since I've had the time to post anything. The kids are growing and learning so fast. They can sing their ABC's, count to 10, they know their shapes and colors too. They love to sing twinkle twinkle and draw/color (including walls and furniture!).

Here are some pics starting from April til today...

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Twins are Two

Well, almost. But, their party was yesterday and it went pretty well. They received a ton of gifts and had way too much sugar! Both kids love cars, not just the movie, any car or truck they see so that's the theme we went with.

Cake I went nuts over making....never again.

Daddy with the bday girl

Vivi swinging at the pinata and wearing the cutest shoes ever.

Everyone denied giving them suckers, but somehow they both ate a couple...

Roman hauling his goods to the truck

Sunday, January 22, 2012

January is almost over....

and soon I'll have a couple of 2 year olds!! I can't believe my babies are going to be two! They talk so much now and are cracking my up daily with the stuff they say or try to say! My new job has my super busy so by the time I get home there is rarely time for me to sit down and blog. I'm busy planning their party which snuck up on me and I barely got the invites bought invites, which I hated but no time to special order.

He wants to be like mom and wear glasses

Gift from Nana Penny which Gabe loved

My mom and I took them to Desert Botanical Garden, very pretty and perfect for runway shows!

She rarely lets me take pics of her

50% of the time they are beating each other up, the other 50 they are like this:)

Viv w/ auntie Jess