Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Quick Thought

Sometimes I watch these kids do something so cute that it makes me sad. Sad to think they will not always be so small and innocent. The other night it was listening to Vivi read me a story. So sweet, making up a story with different expressions. Then, there's Roman, telling me about his day while he cuddles with me. He's a total liar and makes most of it up but I can't get enough.

I feel like a need to record every minute of my time with them. I rarely end up doing it though. I know if I stop watching to run and get the camera, they will stop. I guess it is better to just enjoy the moment. But, I'm scared I'll forget it or I won't have anything to show the when they grow up?? Ugh, tearing up just thinking about it again. Having kids has also turned me into a weird emotional person, so not who I was before.

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