Monday, September 3, 2012

In Recent News...

First, let me say potty training was a success. We started on a Sunday and it was hard to say the least but by Friday afternoon something must have clicked. They just got it all of a sudden. Since the following Tuesday, no more accidents. I have to say, life is so much nicer now. We ordered this travel potty that folds down so we can use it in public restrooms. Awesome little invention.

We've spent a few weekends taking them swimming which they loved and keep asking to go back. I hate that I waited too long to sign them up for lessons earlier this summer. We signed them up for the next round, but that doesn't start until October. That may sound like torture, but seriously, its Arizona, it will likely still be 100 degrees.

I brought the kids up to Pinetop again to enjoy some cooler weather. It's nice that they can actually run around outside, all day! Yesterday, they played with the nets my mom bought them and caught bugs. Today we took them yard-selling which they were less impressed with. I was worried about driving them back and forth alone, but they actually did pretty good.Luckily we had the new traveling potty and also lucky they aren't shy about going on the side of the road.

Vivi trying on Nana's glasses

He's getting so big:(

Watching a Toy Story with Annie

They did about 20 laps around the cabin with these old sleds

Actually getting along in this pic

They were having more fun than it looks, they were just mad I made them pose

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