Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Dentist

We took the kids to their 2nd dentist appointment on Friday. The first time around, we took them to a pediatric dentist. It was a horrible experience. They insisted on Xrays, and held them down to clean and floss their teeth. Keep in mind they were only 18 months old and I didn't think any of this was necessary. Today we took them to Gabe's dentist. They told us ahead of time, they just want kids to get used to the dentist chair and tools. They told us at this age, Xrays really weren't necessary. Everyone was so nice and they put cartoons on (ceiling mounted TVs) and let the kids touch everything before they used it. The pics below were taking on our way out of the door. Hats because it was raining, but Vivi is wearing sandals because I tried putting her sneakers on (a month old) and they were way too small! These kids are growing WAY too fast!

Of course, Roman was not shy and did great. Gabe had to hold Vivi in the chair and was not as easy going. It was a much nicer visit though, we were in and out and nobody was in tears this time, including me.We celebrated with some pancakes at IHOP.


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  2. Everything will be fine sweetie. Dont worry.