Sunday, November 10, 2013

Always rushing

I guess updating this every 6 months is all I can handle!! Since I last posted we took our family vacation to San Diego, had a great time!We spent 4th of July at my parents cabin. We decided to sell our old home and buy a new one, 1/2 a mile down the road!  We had Halloween and Vivi insisted on dressing as her favorite food, a banana!!

The new house is bigger, better sub-division, and has a pool. Don't worry, we had a gate installed the day after we moved in.

 Kids are still in swim lessons but were traumatized in the last group. they loved their instructor Hannah, but on the last day, she was gone and her replacement was pretty rough. She dunked them, not like Hannah, but pretty aggressive. So now, Vivi just watches Roman play the games. She refuses to go in, scared the new teacher will dunk her. Roman cries most of the time. I was pretty mad the last girl screwed them up so bad. I think next summer we will just have someone come to the house and give them real swim lessons.

On Halloween night Roman was so frustrated with people thinking he was a real pirate. After a while he started telling everyone, this is Vivienne, she is in a costume. My name is Roman, I am in a costume! Then he would take off his hat and say, "see!"  It was hilarious!

The kids have been having a lot of sleep overs with my sister and our parents. They have a blast. I'm glad they don't get too scared to leave us.It's nice to have a night to ourselves and not have to worry about getting up early:)

The kids are getting SO TALL!! And, they have HUGE feet. It's so weird, watching them grow. It makes me sad, and ALMOST want to have another baby. We just had our yearly family photos done, I will post more pics soon....OK, maybe in another 6 months?? :(

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Guilt Ridden

I have put together a photo album every year since the kids were born. I just upload the years photos to Shutterfly and then have one printed.

Well, since this process takes forever, (uploading, arranging, and perhaps a touch up or 100), I decided to try and get a head start this year. I uploaded the pictures from the first half of the year. Now, I’ll be ahead of the game when the ½ off coupons come out in the new year, (that’s the plan anyway).

So, back to my point. I have no photos of Vivi from their 3rd birthday party! NONE! Granted, their birthday party was a bust and so cold, Vivi couldn’t take it and was taken home early by my parents. Afterwards, my inlaws and my parents came to the house to open presents (it was too cold to expect people to stay at the park for this activity). Even the pictures from home are of Roman, there are only a few of him.

WORST Mom everrrrrrr!!!!

Ugh, just add it to the list of things I feel guilty about since becoming a mother.

One of the 4 party pics, they are all the same shot

This was taken on their actual birthday after dinner celebration.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Quick catch up!!

 I can't believe it has been 7 months since I've updated this thing. It's so hard to just sit down and focus on anything. Several people have asked me to update the blog w/ new pics so here we go. Pics are from December to April.

The kids are almost done with Tball. Roman does pretty good, but gets tired halfway through and fades out. We're luck if Vivi plays catch with us for 5 minutes before she drops her glove, looks us in the face, and says, "I'm done."  Such a DIVA!! Next up is swimming lessons, hopefully we get better responses from the kids.

We took the kids to Flagstaff to see the North Pole Experience. I think I may have enjoyed it more than they did!
There's Roman, waiting to be the first one in.
Writing her letter to Santa

The next day we took them to play in the snow.
We played for at least 2 hours, the kids couldn't get enough. We are definitely going back this year.

This is a Saturday night in April, smore's then family movie night

Look how tall she is, and that was February!!

Just a cute pic:)

LOVE Viv in cowboy boots!!
 Gabe loves to slick Roman's hair to the side,
I prefer his curls to be wild and crazy...

First Day of Tball!

Throwing the ball like a pro!
This is how Viv spends most games:)
We started a garden, and to keep the kids from digging in it, we gave them their own.