Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Guilt Ridden

I have put together a photo album every year since the kids were born. I just upload the years photos to Shutterfly and then have one printed.

Well, since this process takes forever, (uploading, arranging, and perhaps a touch up or 100), I decided to try and get a head start this year. I uploaded the pictures from the first half of the year. Now, I’ll be ahead of the game when the ½ off coupons come out in the new year, (that’s the plan anyway).

So, back to my point. I have no photos of Vivi from their 3rd birthday party! NONE! Granted, their birthday party was a bust and so cold, Vivi couldn’t take it and was taken home early by my parents. Afterwards, my inlaws and my parents came to the house to open presents (it was too cold to expect people to stay at the park for this activity). Even the pictures from home are of Roman, there are only a few of him.

WORST Mom everrrrrrr!!!!

Ugh, just add it to the list of things I feel guilty about since becoming a mother.

One of the 4 party pics, they are all the same shot

This was taken on their actual birthday after dinner celebration.

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